portrait photography tips

  1. Try to keep the sun behind your subject.
  2. Avoid open shade as it gives little dimension and looks rather flat, and look for light patches to place your subject
  3. Try to keep the sun behind your subject (even when it seems directly overhead). 
  4. Avoid open shade as it gives little dimension and looks rather flat, and look for light patches to place your subject in.
  5. Steer clear of dappled light unless you are going for a specific look, as it is difficult to expose for.
  6. have your subjects tilt their heads skyward or use something that reflects light back to their faces.
  7. indoors, use windows to either backlight your subject or light them directly
  8. to shoot outdoor portraits is when the sun’s not shining from above but from the side—either morning or evening.
  9. When using a reflector, avoid lighting the model from below.
  10. When working with natural light, it is very important to have patience and the will to experiment.


1/40 sec. f/5 135mm ISO 400

1/125 sec. f/16 85mm ISO 400

1/25 sec. f/5 90mm ISO 400

1/50 sec. f/5 100mm ISO 400

1/125 sec. f/16 85mm ISO 400

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smile, cheer leader, beauty, water fall, trees, water, rocks


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12.4 MB Dimensions 6000×4000 shot 1/640 sec . f/5.6 55mm ISO 25600
12.4 MB Dimensions 6000×4000 shot 1/200 sec f/5 32mm ISO 25600

1)what camera metering made i use Av because i wanted my images to come out sharp

2) yes because my image are sharp

3) I edit them pretty good

Action and motion

First to capture motion is you must use a slow shutter speed. you see, the reason for motion blur is simply that your camera’s shutter remains open for an amount period. you get motion blur when your shutter speed is long, whereas you freeze the action when your shutter speed is short.

As you know, the shutter speed is good at achieving a beautiful blurred. Even small changes will have a big impact upon your shot so you should use a camera mode that gives you full control over your camera’s shutter. You have two options. First, you can switch your camera to full Manual mode. It’ll work well, and it’s a good idea for more experienced photographers. but in Manual mode, you’ll also need to select your aperture and ISO. The longer the speed, the more light that will get into your camera, and the brighter your photos will be. If you’re shooting in Shutter Priority, your camera will narrow the aperture for you. As soon as it detects a slow shutter speed, it’ll close the aperture and deliver a well-exposed shot. You can adjust your ISO in Manual mode or Shutter Priority mode, so simply dial in a low ISO such as 100 and watch as your exposure decreases.

size 1.8mb diminutions 3456×2304 shot 1/25 sec f/16 47mm ISO 6400

size 1.5 mb dimenesions 3456×2304 shot 1/10sec f/16 18mm ISO800

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f/16 18mm shutter speed 60

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ISO 400 aperture f/2 shutter speed 1/2000 lens 50mm